Fluke | MFTK-SM1550

MultiFiber Pro 1550 nm Singlemode Kit includes MultiFiber Pro Power Meter, 1550 nm Light Source, Test Reference Cords, MPO adapters, Magnetic strap attachments and carrying case. 


MFR: Fluke






MultiFiber Pro takes the complexity out of testing MPO trunks for loss and polarity. With an on-board MPO connector, it is the first tester to automate the MPO fibertrunk testing process without using a fan-out cord. The power meter/light source boasts industry-first functions such as automatic scanning of all twelve fibers and display of test results in an easy-to-read bar graph. These innovative features allow MultiFiber Pro kits to eliminate the complexity of testing MPO trunks, making it 90 percent faster than the traditional simplex test methods.


· Singlemode Kit with 1550 nm Light Source

· Automatic scanning and testing of all fibers in MPO connectors with Scan All

· Support for both Multimode and Singlemode MPO fiber trunks

· Eliminates the need for fan-out cords when testing MPO fiber trunks

· Easy to interpret test results with minimal navigation

· The user interface displays all 12 fibers

· Automatic 8, 10 and 12 fiber measurements

· Troubleshoot MPO fiber links and drill down to single fiber test results

Specification Description

Weight 10 lbs Rental Period

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly

The following accessories are included in your rental:

· 1 – MultiFiber Pro Power Meter

· 1 – 1550 nm Light Source

· 1 – Set of Test Reference Cords

· 2 – MPO Adapters

· 1 – Carrying case

· 1 – Fiber Cleaning IBC Cleaner

· 1 – User Manual

Fluke Part MFTK-SM1550 MultiFiber Pro 1550nm Power Meter & Light Source Test Kit Demo Video

Fluke MultiFiber Pro Power Meter & Light Source Test Kits – MFTK-SM1550 Spec

Fluke MultiFiber Pro Power Meter & Light Source Test Kits – MFTK-SM1550 User Manual


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Rental periods:

  • * One week is 7 calendar days
  • ** Biweekly is 14 calendar days
  • *** Monthly is set 30 calendar days