How do you know you offer the lowest rental rates in the country?

We know our friendly competitors! We are always working to stay in front of this, but as with any market, prices fluctuate and any company can randomly drop prices. We appreeciate customer feedback nd will always honor our promise to offer the lowest rental prices in the country by beating our competitor price by at least 5%.

Can you deliver to union job sites?

Yes, we have union drivers.

What if my job site tech doesn't return an accessory in a delivered kit?

Good question! Every delivery includes a packing slip that our driver goes over with your job site tech/delivery recipient. Every item on the packing list is shown to the recipient and then confirmed by a signature.

Then at pick up time, the same packing list is reviewed with the job site tech to ensure all of the materials are received. This policy takes out the awkwardness of problems related to missing accessories. We actually attribute this policy to the fact that we have lower than a 1.5% rate of returns with missing material. This lowers your costs as well as eliminates confusion. Our customers love this service!

What if my technician lost an accessory?

Replacement charge will never be more than the manufacturers list price. In most cases, significantly less than available on the internet.

Do you charge for your next day delivery and next day pick up services?

No. All deliveries in NY, NJ, and CT are done by our employed drivers and are of no cost to our customers.

Can you deliver early a.m.?

Absolutely, we can deliver as early as 6:00 a.m. and earlier upon driver availability.

If I send you my job specification, can you tell me what product I need in order to fulfill my requirements?

Yes. Our engineers live and breathe this. They are all trained and certified in industry standards and are application engineers.

Can you train my staff on how to use your unit?

Absolutely. Upon request, we can come to your office or job site to train your techs, This is a no-charge servicee we offer to our customers. We just ask for prior notice for scheduling purposes.

We also have videos on our website to aid in training.

What area / region do you service?

As mentioned on our “About US” page, we only rent to the New York, New Jersey & Connecticut market that is within 150 miles of central manhattan (Penn Station as a marker point). All orders are delivered (and picked up) via Telecom Rentals’ trucks. This enables us to provide immediate service to our customers’—enabling us to meet our Mission of ‘enhancing our customers’ profitability’

When does my rental period start?

Your rental period starts the day that we deliver the unit. We try to complete all deliveries before noon so that our customers don’t lose a day of testing or terminating.

When does my rental period end?

Your rental period ends the day you call for the unit to be picked up. We pick up the rental unit the day after you call for us to do so, however, you are not billed for the day that we are scheduled to pick up.

What are my rental-duration options?
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • Monthly

However, we do have daily rates on all rental units that is only used for reducing your rental costs when you marginally exceed any of the above listed rental terms. We do not publish these rates as they are not an available rental term, however, if you would like to know what any specific units’ daily rate is, please contact us in the contact tab / section of our website.

What happens if I scheduled a rental for 1 week, but end up needed the unit for 1 week and 2 days?

We bill the period that is the lowest cost to the customer. In your example, we would not bill the 2 week period but would bill the rate for the 1 week plus 2 additional days fee. This would net out to be a lower cost to you than the 2 week rate.

Do you have a lease option?

Yes, we have a lease program that extends up to 12 months. Please reach out to us for further details.

We are concerned about theft on one of our jobsites. Does Telecom Rentals have a GPS option so that my rental can be tracked via GPS technology?

Yes, you can add a GPS rental to your unit. There is an incremental rental cost. Please reach out to us if you would like to add this option to your rental

Do you guarantee delivery times?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery times. We can only commit to a next day delivery, however, we cannot guarantee a delivery time. We try to schedule or trucks to make deliveries in the morning (prior to noon) and pick ups in the afternoon in order to serve our customers best. However, things happen and sometimes we are unable to hold to this practice. If you are in urgent need of an early delivery, please request at time of order and we will do our best to get it there when you need it.

Does Telecom Rentals offer testing services?

Good question! We actually get asked this often. We do not offer testing services. We feel we are better served by helping our customers enhance their testing knowledge by calling our technical department for instruction on any of the units we offer for rent. Our technicians will walk you or your tech through usage of any of the testers or fusion splicers that we offer for rental. You know the adage…”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

What if I don’t have an account with Telecom Rentals?

Our website platform is exactly the solution for that problem! If your company is not listed on Dunn and Bradstreet (DNB), we may ask you to place a temporary reserve on your credit card until the unit is returned (similar to what you do when you rent a car). We are a customer-centric company and will work with all customers to find the best solution to fit your need!


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