Sumitomo | TYPE-Q-102-CA

Sumitomo Quantum Type-Q102-CA Core Alignment Fusion Splicer 


MFR: Sumitomo






Sumitomo Electric Lightwave introduces the Q102-CA Fusion Splicer to its Quantum splicer portfolio. Maintaining all of the industry-leading features of the previous Q101, the new fusion splicer continues to raise the bar in performance and reliability. 5 second splice and 9 second heating times coupled with Sumitomo’s patented dual independent ovens improve efficiency by over 80% for perfectly streamlined and consecutive splices.

The Q102-CA’s completely redesigned user interface provides a “smartphone-like” experience for inspecting minute areas of fiber with a simple drag and zoom. The new fusion splicer also features a new rugged frame withstanding twice the shock as the previous generation.


• Dual Independent Heat Shrink Ovens

• Fastest Splicer with 5 sec. Splice time and Dual 9 sec. Heaters

• WVGA High Resolution, Fully Navigational Touch Screen Monitor

• SD Port for Virtually Unlimited Data Storage

• Internet Interface for Remote Maintenance & Software Upgrades

• Smartphone-Like User Interface

• Wide Angle LED Work Area Illumination

• Ruggedized Design for Shock, Water, and Dust Resistance

• Automatic Splice Start, Arc Calibration, Heater Start and Fiber Identification

• Long Life Battery for 300 Splice and Heater Cycles per Charge

• Battery Recharges While Splicing

• Long Life Electrodes up to 6,000 arcs

• Lynx2 CustomFit® Splice-On Connector Compatibility

Specification Description

Weight 20 lbs Rental Period

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly

The following accessories are included in your rental:

· Sumitomo Core Alignment Splicer Main Unit

· High Precision Cleave Tool

· Pair of 900um Fiber Holders

· Pair of 250um Fiber Holders

· Battery Unit Power Pack

· AC Interface

· Fiber Stripper

· Hard Carry Case

· Fusion Splice Connector Plastic Holder

· User Manual

· Packet. Contains: Heat Shield, Spare Electrodes, USB Cable

Sumitomo Part TYPE-Q-102-CA Fusion Splicer Demo Video

Sumitomo TYPE-Q-102-CA Fusion Splicer Spec

Sumitomo Part TYPE-Q-102-CA Fusion Splicer Maintenance & User Guide


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Rental periods:

  • * One week is 7 calendar days
  • ** Biweekly is 14 calendar days
  • *** Monthly is set 30 calendar days