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The Fluke Networks DSX-CFP-Q-ADD-R is the 1 Ghz DSX-5000 and Quad OLTS Modules Add On Kit W/Remote. This item should be ordered when you already own a Versiv Mainframe, but need DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer Modules for Copper Certification, Certifiber Quad OLTS Modules for basic Fiber Certification, and a Versiv Remote. The Fluke Networks Versiv family of cable testers offer modular solutions for every copper and fiber cable testing application.


· Three-second Autotest – (four times faster than legacy testers) includes optical loss measurement of two fibers at two wavelengths with distance measurement and optical loss budget calculation

· Provides automatic Pass/Fail analysis to industry standards or custom test limits

· Identifies incorrect test procedures resulting in negative loss results

· Double ended Pass/Fail certification of fiber optic connector end-faces

· Graphical indication of problem areas on fiber end-faces due to contamination, pits, chips and scratches

· Interchangeable power meter adapters available for all typical connector types (SC, ST, LC and FC) to enable the most accurate 1-jumper reference method

· Built-in visual fault locator for basic troubleshooting and polarity determination

· Dual wavelength measurement capability on a single fiber allows the tester to be used in applications that require only one fiber link.

· Compliant with TIA-526-14-B and IEC 61280-4-1 Encircled Flux requirements with no additional equipment or procedures

· Integrated Wi-Fi allows you to easily upload results to LinkWare Live

Specification Description

Weight 16 lbs Rental Period

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly

The following accessories are included in your rental:

· 1 Versiv Remote

· (2) DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer modules

· (2) CertiFiber Quad OLTS Modules

· Set of CAT 6A/Class EA Permanent Link Adaptors

· Set of CAT 6A/Class EA Channel Adaptors

· (2) Headsets

· (2) HandStraps

· (2) Shoulder Straps

· Large Carry Case

· Versiv Open Source Software CD

· (2) AC Chargers

· (2) Universal Couplers

· (2) AxTalk Terminators

· (2) LC/LC Simplex Adaptors

· SC/LC EF-compliant MM TRC Kit 50 µm


· TRC Carry Case

· Statement of Calibration and Getting Started Guide

Fluke Part DSX-CFP-Q-ADD-R – DSX-5000 with Quad OLTS Add-on Kit with Remote Spec


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Rental periods:

  • * One week is 7 calendar days
  • ** Biweekly is 14 calendar days
  • *** Monthly is set 30 calendar days