Exfo | MaxTester 940-945

First tablet-inspired, multifunction optical loss test set (OLTS) delivering insertion loss, optical return loss and fiber length measurements at two wavelengths in five seconds via fully automated bidirectional FasTesT™ analysis. 


MFR: Exfo

PART #: MaxTester 940-945





Full-fledged units at both ends

Both the main and remote units are full-fledged to maximize the efficiency of each technician:

FasTesT™ results with diagnostics are displayed on both units at the end of each test.

Both technicians can certify the fiber connectors with an fiber inspection probe via the large touchscreens available on the both units.

With the MAX-940/945 Fiber Certifier, the remote technician is no longer blind and more efficient.

**Please see specification in our Reference Tab for multiple unit configurations**


· 7-inch, high-resolution touchscreen—the widest screen on the market

· Leading FasTesT performances: certifies two fibers at two wavelengths in 2.6 seconds

· Onboard assistant and diagnosis for elimination of reference errors and negative loss

· Built-in Encircled-Flux compliancy as per ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC

· 100% automated fiber inspection: one-step process with pass/fail analysis at both ends of the fiber

· Certifies to multiple industry standards simultaneously

· Onboard professional PDF reporting

· Batch processing of results with FastReporter 2 software

· Best-in-class singlemode distance range of 160 km

· EXFO Connect-ready for cloud-based test asset management

Specification Description

Weight 8 lbs Rental Period

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly

Exfo Part MaxTester 940-945 Certifier OLTS Video

Exfo MaxTester 940-945 Certifier OLTS Spec

Exfo MaxTester 940-945 Certifier OLTS User Guide


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Rental periods:

  • * One week is 7 calendar days
  • ** Biweekly is 14 calendar days
  • *** Monthly is set 30 calendar days